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Massage Therapy

Relief muscle tension and soreness while relax, rehab, rejuvenate or invigorate the entire body. All sessions begin with a personal consultation and are customized to help increase your sense of well being. (If you are pregnant, you must receive a prenatal massage. A doctor's note is required for the 1st trimester)

Swedish                             30 minutes     35                             60 minutes     65                             90 minutes     95

Long strokes and kneading of muscles. Strokes are generally directed toward the heart. Increase circulation, ease muscle aches, promotes relaxation.

Deep Tissue                      
60 minutes     75                           90 minutes     105 

Affects deeper layer of muscles, overuse, tension and soreness relief. May use stripping technique, 7/10 pressure scale parallel to muscle fibers to relief and realign muscle fiber. Trigger point release types of techniques. 

Prenatal (2nd and 3rd trimester)                                          60 minutes     70
Prenatal Massages are done in side-lying or semi-reclining positions to avoid blockage of oxygen and circulation flow to the mother and baby. It helps to alleviate discomfort and reduce discomfort associated with pregnancy. Focusing on elongating the spine and to reduce edema. (A doctor's note is required for the 1st trimester)

Sports                              60 minutes     75                             90 minutes     105 
There are 4 types of sports massages: pre-game, post-game, maintenance, rehabilitation. Focusing on different muscle groups for different sports, sports massage involves more compression strokes and stretching. 

Lava Shell Massage       30 minutes     45                            60 minutes     80                             75 minutes     95       
Similar to hot stones, the lava shells gives off continuous heat while the therapist is using them to give a relaxing massage. 

Chair Massage                20 minutes     25                            30 minutes     35 
Chair Massages are a great way to introduce someone who is new to massages. It is also suitable for someone who can not lay down on a massage table. Client is fully clothed, little to no lotion is used. Also known as corporate massage due to the portability of the massage chair, people that works in an office setting may receive chair massages at the convenience of their offices.

15 minutes     22                           30 minutes    40 
It is believed that pressure points exist on the foot, hands, ear and even the tongue! These points correlated with different internal organs and muscles groups, reflexology is usually performed on the hand and or the feet to restore the body's energy and meridians.

Massage Enhancements       5 
Choose from the following:         Aromatherapy          Biofreeze          Prossage         

Foot Scrub Add-On       10

Kinesio Taping      15 per muscle-tendon unit (MTU)    or     add to massage for extra $5 per MTU

Usually seen on athletes, but can be used by pregnant women, elderly, younger children to help with reduction of pain, discomfort, edema, swelling, inflammation on muscles and joints. Kinesio taping creates a lift on the skin to allow for more blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage, enhance muscle performance and supports joint while still having good range of motion. 


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